Supporting Activities For Your Event

Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar

Attend a performance of the German National Theater

The German National Theater in Weimar has one of the longest traditions among German theaters – with first performances of all important plays by Schiller and Goethe.  The artistic program ranges from drama to opera, operetta, musical and ballet performances to symphony concerts, from classical to modern. We will be glad to make reservations for you.

Goethes Wohnhaus

The classical city of Weimar

Visit Weimar’s historic sites, such as the Goethe House on the Frauenplan, the Schiller House, the Wittum Palace, the State Bauhaus, the Kirms Krackow House and, last but not least, the Buchenwald Memorial. In addition to an individual walking tour, we will be glad to make reservations for special tours. more

Goethe und Schiller-Denkmal

Town Rally

A city walk of a different kind involving a quiz. Recommended for families, clubs, corporate events or just groups of friends. Learn about Weimar and its sights by doing a quiz.

Outdoor Aktivitäten im Park

Outdoors in the park …

Outdoor sports activities in our own park, tailored to your participants, are regenerating for the mind and fun and will enhance the success of your conference or seminar.

More suggestions for you: Weimar Highlights.